So many characters, so little time

Noble Steed Coffee Phyre Where the Heart Is Chami River of Stars Sea Lullaby Duet In Darkness, Light Forgotten Melody Siren Song Asha Jahzara Corryn the Flame The Winddancer Panic in Me Siren Lost in the Wild, Wild Sea Keep Talking Showdown The Sentinel The Time-Manipulator Pas De Deux L'Ombre See Me Now Sentinel's Power Wake Up Little Sparrow Why Should I Golden Floor Pavane Cry Out At Fear Gemini's TARDIS The Raven that Refused to Sing Land and Sea Superhero Intervention Modern Crusaders Emergence Danse Macabre Rest Will Flow Fields of Gold Far Away Above the Northern Lights Valsapena Super Ed and the No Parking Zone I Can See Round Corners Dissolving with the Night Last Plane Out Embers


Because the world needs animated Music Videos

Vocals & Animation

Ain't No Sunshine Hearts a Mess Above the Northern Lights Gemini Mellotron Scratch

Just the Animation

Let Me Rule Your Heart Cask of Amontillado


Jill Sings Songs for fun and... more fun!

Music Videos

Somebody That I Used to Know Pills Sleeping Satellite Nights in White Satin This Killer DNA Heartattack in a Layby Mellotron Scratch Solid State Brain

Original Vocals & Lyrics

Hey Chris

More Music


Posters and Logos and ALbums, Oh mY!

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Blue Raven Artworks

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